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RATS Tourniquet
Jim S. (Vernal, US)
Impressive service and packaging

I was very surprised by how the rats was packaged. I thought it would just be the tourniquet wrapped up in shipping packaging. But the commercial sealed package that the rats was in made it an even more impressive gift. Super happy with the speed and service I got with this order.

Comfortable and Concealable

I got the Elite V-Shield vest for my work as an armed security guard at a Private Vault over half a year ago and I couldn't be happier.

The armor panels were a little stiff when it arrived but has since broken in perfectly. After braking in the panels are flexible and move comfortably with my body. This vest is so comfortable and lightweight that it's not hard to forget that I'm wearing armor. This armor covers my vitals in the front and back, and, when worn under a button up, is definitely concealable. I work directly with customers in my role at the vault and no one has ever noticed that I'm wearing armor. (My girlfriend can't even tell if I'm armored unless she gives me a hug!)

Most important of all, this armor stops bullets like a champ. I bought a spare vest put 30 rounds (124gr 9mm Round Nose) within a two inch circle on the chest - No Penetrations!

Overall, this vest fits great, is comfortable to wear, and (after doing some personal shooting tests on a spare vest) I can affirm that this armor is top notch.

I love how comfortable this armor is!

Had mine for a while and love how well it fits my large frame.

Excellent Gear

The design of this vest is exceptional; donning and doffing is simple and efficient. Magnetic clasps securely close, the front facing clasps are doubly secured with a velcro strap. The emergency pull works with little effort, particularly with the top magnetic clasps. The wide drag handle on this vest keeps the wearer from having their circulation cut when dragged by traditional, small handles found on typical plate carriers.

Soft armor is lightweight, accessible, covers well, and overlaps on the sides. Hard armor insert sites are well placed, easily accessed.

The vest and soft armor are flexible and breathe well. Molle is found on front, rear, and sides. Overall weight is about 12 lbs out of the box. I sincerely recommend the SHTF vest for protection, training, and duty.

If I could add anything, I would prefer color and pattern options, coyote, ranger green, od, multicam, mc dark, mc trop, etc. That is not a priority for me and does not detract from the strengths of this kit.

I am getting velcro panels for optional loadouts on front and rear and will customize the vest into a full kit with radio, wiring, and water. Based on the design and availability of these panels and accessories, it should be simple to kit out as desired.

I appreciate the quality and workmanship of this vest, no doubt I will refer many others to your products

Thank you for you thoughtful review Corbin W. We are very glad you are happy with your SHTF Tactical Vest and Armor.

Comfortable but has some drawbacks

I have been wearing it for the last few days, its advantage is that it is very light to wear and very easy to wear, but I feel that it is always a little short, although it can effectively protect the position of the heart and lungs, it cannot guarantee protection to the kidneys and abdomen, because It is too short for me. If it is lengthened, it is perfect, and the breathability is so poor. It will cause some sweat to take it off every day. Of course, this is not the point compared to protecting life.

Thank you for your honest review Barry, I want to assure you that the vest you are wearing looks to fit you right. The Ultra Conceal vests protect the main vitals, heart, lungs and liver. The armor is suppose to sit about 1.5-2 inches above your navel. I hope this helps with some of your worries.

Comfortable and very concealable

I am reviewing the Citizen V-Shield Elite IIIA+ Men's. I am 5'11 @200 with athletic build. My measurements based on the sizing chart were between a Medium and Large. I decided to go with medium with the knowledge that I could trade up if needed. I did not have to exchange as this fits perfectly well. People cannot tell I am wearing it unless they give me a slap on the back or hug. A lot lighter and more comfortable that I am used to (served in the Marines). I hope I do not have to put it to the test but as I tell my kids, "better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it." Great armor.

The best safety vest on the market.

I'm 5"6, 140 lbs, 30 inch waist and maybe a 37 inch chest and got the small size vest. It conceals even under a snug black shirt. It makes me look buff in my case but a keen eye can notice it. Considering concealment and what PROTEK has to offer, I thinks it's the best option for daily wear. It's worth the price.

What I would like to see is protek being used to protect the femoral artery, groin and buttocks if thats commercially feasible. Only bullet blocker offers their Gabriel Down Under Kevlar system offers a product like that. Would like to see what ATEK defense systems/citizen armor could do. Could create a more robust concealed armor system along with this vest.

Covert Body Armor and Carrier
Troy H. (Rutland, US)
Great product.

I love the products you provide. There is something that can accommodate anyone depending on the need or use. It saves lives. Also great customer service. I'm a customer for life. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. Gives me great confidence overall. Thanks.

Alex Jones in the clutch yet again!.

I'm not disappointed with this armor. 10/10 for me.. conceals perfect under clothes an is very lightweight with comfort.

Much better than my AR500 rig.

Yes the AR500 plates are solid steel, but with their rigidity and extreme weight their completely impractical for field use beyond perhaps use by a sentry post on a base.

This armor rig feels nice and solid yet flexible. Also, a huge plus to this vest is that all the straps are forgiving and stretchy. An amazing lightweight option that doesn’t compromise on stopping power.

Big shoutout to the Alex Jones Show on InfoWars for directing me to you guys. I’m extremely happy with your products.

V-Shield Ultra Conceal Body Armor and Carrier
Alexander I. (Monroeville, US)
Exceptional Quality and Fast Shipping!

Found out about Citizen Armor from Infowars and The Alex Jones Show first and foremost and heard really great reviews about Citizen Armor and decided to check out the site.

I decided on the Conceal V Shield body armor and was not disappointed!! The quality is exceptional, it fits very well and the shipping was very fast.

I am very pleased with my purchase from Citizen Armor and I have also told some family as well as some friends who are looking for body armor and accessories as well.

I would highly recommend Citizen Armor and my experience was amazing!

Fits nice

Bulletproof Trauma Pad Inserts
Marlow (Sterling Heights, US)
Luckily havnt "had" to use them....

Fortunate enough to not have had any "use" for the pads, so i cant entirely comment on how well they work, but they do look good. I may have ordered a slightly smaller size than needed but it still fits decently well.

Great fit & QUALITY

Everything I expected after the recommendation from Alex Jones on

Ordering for my wife and sons next.

Thanks Citizen Armor !

SHTF Tactical Body Armor and Carrier
Alexander K. (Springfield, US)
A quality product, with good features

The armor is built with good worksmanship in construction, given at least it is not created entirely by hand, but through automated/machined process. The armor is pretty comfortable, but perhaps not quite the right fit, so it might be wise to go with a size smaller if the margins are small between a fit according to the size chart, and then simply expand the armor from the waist buckling component. The velcrow straps which apply with the magnetic latching can come loose, and be lost. I unfortunately lost mine nearly immediately after unboxing my item, but the folks here at Citizen Armor were graceful enough to offer me replacements as a kindness and a way of extending a branch of peace and protection to me so that I may continue to do great things and protect what is good, as so shall I, so long as I am me.

The vest has plenty of Molle webbings, although the waist webbings can be a bit hard to work with, as the vest does restrict mobility some. The strapping which hold the shoulder pieces together work well and are effective at being adjusted without too much finnicking, although I advise you try to have the vest adjusted before using it, for best result. The waist portion of the vest uses an adjustable velcrow belt-like portion that tucks into the vest, and this is easy enough to get adjusted, but you might be putting on the armor a few times to get the right dimensions squared away. The magnetic clasps can be a bit difficult to get on, at least for my unit, which might have been a small amount oversized, at least right off the bat, but with a small amount of working with it to get it clasped, and some patience, it will work out.

As advertised, this vest comes with the ultra-lightweight and soft armor inserts, which are easy to remove and replace. The armor could have been a bit longer, to cover more of the internal organs when bending over forward, such as the lower portion of the back; You can't have things perfect in this world, and I do feel like this armor offers adequate shielding for general chest and torso protection.

Wearing this armor while also using a backpack may be a small bit challenging, as the packs I use do not seat on it properly, and the shoulder straps can snag on the velcrow clasping when taking a backpack off if you do seat it directly onto the armor's shoulder piece.

This has been my first piece of body armor, and I am happy with the purchase for it's price+value/usefulness, although, I was a bit disappointing to have it not be effective once wet with water, and must be dry before being capable of stopping bullets again, from what I understand, but I have been unable to find the hyperlink to the instructions for assembly, cleaning, storage, and overall care, and cannot be entirely sure of exactly how it functions because of this.

If you were looking for an all-in-one, ready to go piece of kit, I would advise this model, except, go for the Elite IIIA+model so long as you can afford it. Either way, you are getting a good quality American made product for a fair price; Its a pretty great situation. I would recommend getting extra armor plate inserts for any serious protection, as nearly anybody else will tell you.

You also probably want to get one ASAP, since the globo-h*m*s want to take all of this away. And stay armed, because a vest won't help you much if you cant defend yourself beyond that.

Also, I would like to thank the customer service person who offered to replace my missing straps, as though it does still technically work without them, naturally, it is incomplete. Thanks for being generous in spirit; It matters!

Citizen V-Shield Ultra Conceal Body Armor and Carrier

Excellent Product

All my expectations were satisfied, a very well made product that will last and stand up to years of use. Not only is the Product excellent, but also was the Customer Service, and the speed in which it was delivered.

V-Shield Ultra Conceal Body Armor and Carrier
Alexander F. (Los Angeles, US)
Love it!

Great fit! Fast shipping! Love it!

Nice fit, light and easy to wear.

V-Shield Ultra Conceal Body Armor and Carrier
Marlow (Sterling Heights, US)

Looks great, feels good but not as snug as I expected. As a 5'10" 165+ lbs male wearing a C3 (medium) perhaps i bought the wrong size but it still works great. Unfortunately its still noticeable under a regular (medium) shirt...otherwise I cant seem to find much wrong with it. Grateful for Alex Jones advertising this company and their products! Definitely going to buy more in the near future

Very Happy!

Love my new vest! Feels awesome and fits great! Thank you Citizen Armor and Thank you Alex Jones!

Best concealable vest yet!

This vest has been the most concealable for discreteness. Wether on the job or not, it is very comfortable. Highly recommend.

Impressive on all accounts

5'10" 185lbs the medium fit perfect and ultra concealable. Easy to adjust and super thin 3a+ armor made by the best so you can be protected without everyone noticing. Note that the large was to wide at armpits when hands are together when driving or holding a pistol for me. Elite coating take the worry away when it comes to environmental limitations, and this company has the best customer service.

Great product

Great product

Bulletproof Backpack and Bag Inserts
Marc M.
Can't beat it!

A great product at a very fair price!