Smash and Grab Security Film

Forced-Entry Protection for Architectural Glass

Glass is the weakest point on a building and the most likely target of an attack.
Smash and GrabTM Security Film reinforces existing glass to resist forced entry by armed assailants.
 Adhered to glass windows and doors, Smash and GrabTM will remain in place during an attack even after the original glass has shattered – acting as a high-strength barrier between you and the threat.

Secure Your Glass with Smash and GrabTM Security Film.

Security Film for Schools and Police Departments

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What Makes Smash and Grab Different?

Many safety and security films exist on the market, most of which are made for a variety of architectural and design purposes that include security, among other things. 
Vertrad's Smash and Grab Security Film stands out in the crowd by focusing exclusively on one aspect of security films – forced entry prevention – and by offering what is (to our knowledge) the strongest security film on the market. 
The use and installation of our Smash and Grab Security Film prevents a would-be attacker from immediately accessing a building and buys minutes of precious time to respond and react to the threat.

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Key Features of Smash and Grab

18 and 21 mil. Thicknesses

Currently the thickest film available on the market, Smash and Grab Security Film exhibits superior resistance to any forced-entry or breaching attacks.

Smash and Grab Security Film will out last and out perform thinner films by far, providing greater protection for your personnel and buying critical minutes to react and respond to a threat.

495-585 lb. Break Strength

Smash and Grab features an incredibly high break strength – far greather than other security films currently available on the market.

As a result of this, Smash and Grab Security Film provides incredible protection against heavily-armed attackers who would easily break through other films.

Micro-Layered and Tear-Resistant

Once a standard film is punctured, an attacker often breaches the film by tearing open a large opening from the intial hole.

Just like plywood is made stronger by combining layers of wood, Smash and Grab Security Film is constructed of multiple micro-layers of film.

By using mirco-layering in the construction of our film, we provide a film that resists tearing, and will keep an attacker out far longer than is otherwise possible.

Securely Anchored to Existing Frame

It is essential that films intended for security be anchored to the frame surrounding each pane of glass.

Durring the installation of Smash and Grab film, our technitions will ensure that each section of film is firmly adhered to each glass pane and solidly achored to its metal frame.

This ensures that even if glass shatters, our film will remain in place – preventing entry to an attacker and protecting any individuals who remain inside.

Proudly Made in the USA

Vertrad exisits to create "The Good Guy Advantage".

We are committed to supporting the "good guys" in our communities who work to protect each and every one of us.

We are proud to produce our Smash and Grab Security Film in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Help us Acheive Our Goal – We Need Your Help!

Smash and Grab was initally developed with an eye focused towards giving Law Enforecement a budget-friendly option for secureing their buidlings and vehicles.

However, in light of recent tragedies, we are shifting our focus to providing much-need protection to schools and school districts around the nation.

Our goal is to provide Smash and Grab Security Film to 100 US school districts during 2022.

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